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Lawrence Mold and Tool Corp. takes pride in designing accurate and reliable molds that are easy to maintain.

We use a variety of state-of-the-art CAD and CAM software packages including Solidworks, Pro-Engineer CAD workstations with full 3-D capability, AutoCAD and CADKEY 2-D software packages. On the manufacturing side we run full 3-D MasterCam and Esprit Wire EDM software.

We have the capability to accept data through all of the popular translators and can work with file formats that are convenient for you. We employ 3 designers and 3 CNC programmers. Our team will do what is needed to import files in the most accurate and efficient manner.

We are happy to work concurrently with your design teams and offer suggestions for manufacturability. This allows us to build the best possible tools and parts for your needs.
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